Patient Testimonials

Dr. Neelam
We would like to say thank you for all your help & care. We Travel from thousand miles a way to India and we are happy to must all the Team Genesis Fertility Center.

-John & Zuset (USA)

It has been a good experience with genesis. We have been consulting here for our problems and have had a positive and caring approach from Dr Neelam and other staff. The process is well programed and organized. They keep us informed and communicated of the Proceding in advance. I wish Genesis all the very best in all its endeavour.

-Anupama Sharma & Ganesh Sharma (India)

Genesis Fertility is a place where we have fulfilled our dreams. After long years of hardship for Child We got 100% result within four months. Dr. Neelam Bhise is like god for us. In this whole journey she not only made us feel comfortable, but also Took special care with truth love and affection like elder sister. At last special thanks to friends and buddys, Dr Rita and Sunita sister for care, support, love and homely Feeling.Thanks to all Genesis Fertility Staff and Members.
Best off luck and keep it up.

-Aparna Shashikant Shetty (India)

I got pregnant during my first IVF treatment with only 3 eggs retrieved and now have a beautiful baby boy! I am thankful that Dr. Neelam Bhise remained so positive throughout the process. The nurses and staff are very friendly and incredibly helpful. My husband and I always talk about Dr. Neelam Bhise and how thankful we are to have chosen Genesis Fertility. You changed our lives. Thank you!

-Sulochana Choughule (India)

My partner half and I were so lucky to fall pregnant during our first round of fertility treatment with Complete Fertility Centre. We just wanted to thank everyone at Complete for helping us have our baby daughter. We wouldn't have her if it wasn't for you guys.

-Priyanka Mokal (India)

Dear Dr. Neelam , Many thanks and deep gratitude for helping us bring our little daughter into our lives. You have made our dream of having a family come true.

-Mr & Mrs. Chikne (India)

I took my fertility treatment in Genesis Fertility and thanks to Dr Neelam Bhise for giving a best treatment. Genesis Fertility have a very good and peaceful atmosphere. It is One of best Fertility Center.

-Mrs. Shivani (UK)

Genesis Fertility really very good. The treatment given here is far far better and the results obtained are very fast. I am really very happy as i got positive pregnancy results within a very short span of time under the treatment of Dr. Neelam Bhise. I would highly recommend this hospital.

-Panna Patel (USA)

I’ve been to another fertility center and didn’t like it. It took me five years to try again and I’m so happy that I found Dr. Neelam. She has made me and my husband very happy and we are looking forward to starting a family. Thank you so much.

-Chirag and Swati (India)

Everyone has been great! Wonderful experience all around. Dr. Neelam bhise and his team are phenomenal! We have thoroughly appreciated the time and care that all staff have provided and have referred two other families. Thank you!

-Panna Patel (USA)

You have been so supportive throughout all of this and you continue to show so much love and compassion in making people’s dreams come true.

-Mrs. Prabjot Kaur (Austrilia)

Nature said no, but science said yes! A heartfelt thank you to all the staff at Genesis Fertility that helped Rod and I make our dream of having a baby come true. An extra special thank you to Dr. Neelam Bhise - we will forever be grateful.

-Asha Yadav (India)

The doctors are very competent and approach treatment very systematically. In my case I had not concieved for 2 years and had been advised IVF by other doctors. At last I came here and was treated by Dr. Neelam Bhise.I am very grateful for the same and for me this hospital is one of the best.

-Varsha Chavhan (India)

I would like to thank Dr, Neelam Bhise. She has been so supportive and helpful. Under his guidance my wife will be able to deliver twins. Under our doctors guidance and treatment, now my wife is pregnant with twins. I recommend Dr. Neelam Bhise to everyone who are facing problems concieving She is the best. Thank you once again for your support.

-Anita Padruk (USA)

First, I want to thank Dr Neelam Bhise( Genesis Fertility) for giving me a positive IUI treatment. Secondly to all the nurses and staffs who very kind and caring to us. I would suggest Genesis Fertility for any couple seeking treatment. One of THE BEST fertility center.

-Pallavi Salve (India)

After a years of disappointment to conceive a child , finally we met Dr.Neelam Bhise . She is the best doctor we have met during these years of disappointment in our life. After consulting her, the procedure of IVF became so easy and exciting for us. Finally I got pregnant with the hard work and the enthusiasn of Dr. Neelam towards our case. I will always pray for the success of Genesis Fertility.
Dr. Neelam Bhise is very helpful & friendly person. All Nurse Staff is ready to help 24x7. Available anytime on phone. All the Best to her for her clinic and I loved the sentence on her visiting card "From Conception to Cradles.
Overall experience including every member at Genesis Fertility was so helpful which definitely is needed at tough time. Thank you for all your hard-work, support & love.
Thank you so much for all your support throughout our IVF journey. You’ve made it relaxed and realistic all the way through. Thanks again.
We began our first IVF treatment in August 2015 resulting in pregnancy; our baby was born in May 2016 at QA hospital. We're delighted and very grateful to all the lovely nurses and doctors who helped make our dream a reality.
Thank you so much Complete Fertility for all of your help with my beautiful, ICSI miracle baby boy. We're happy and my family is now complete. The staff at Complete are amazing and I will never forget the passion and understanding they showed me.
My partner half and I were so lucky to fall pregnant during our first round of fertility treatment with Complete Fertility Centre. We just wanted to thank everyone at Complete for helping us have our baby daughter. We wouldn't have her if it wasn't for you guys.