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Our Values

Medical Tourism in India has witnessed strong growth in past few years. India is emerging as a preferred destination for international patients due to availability of best in class treatment at fraction of a cost compared to treatment cost in US or Europe. Genesis fertility clinic & IVF center, Chembur, Mumbai has focused its efforts towards being a world-class IVF & Surrogacy center that exceeds the expectations of its international patients on all counts, be it quality of healthcare or other support services such as travel and stay. Genesis fertility clinic & IVF center renders superlative services in the lines of International Patient Care, and has therefore carved a niche in the Medical Tourism sector.

Genesis fertility clinic & IVF center is located in Financial capital of India i.e. Mumbai. Mumbai is connected by air & water routes to almost all major cities in world. Genesis fertility clinic & IVF center is located in Heart of Mumbai, i.e. Chembur. It is just 3 Km from International airport. Our Fertility department is well equipped with world class infrastructure and expertise to ensure maximum success rate. However, the success of the individual depends on the age of the patients and a number of other factors. There are certain procedures that foreign nationals need to follow in order to avail the treatment. We have a special legal team which will help you out. We strongly recommend you to complete the legalities with our legal advisory team, so as to expedite the treatment and hassle-free transfer of baby. While fighting for Infertility, people go under lot of stress, pain. At Genesis fertility clinic & IVF center we provide a right environment to you, so that you remain stress free all time. We are the One Stop Solution for Fertility Problems, because we provide -

  • 1. A comprehensive evidence base practice
  • 2. Genuine consultation
  • 3. Independent advisory committees
  • 4. Transparent process and decision making
  • 5. Better work Culture & Organizational design
  • 6. Clinical and patient’s input
  • 7. Regular review of previous cases
  • 8. Effective implementation

The hospital is engaged in providing the latest in internationally recognized medical care to patients with a variety of ailments and medical conditions. Genesis fertility clinic & IVF center, one of Best IVF Clinic in India follows the latest and the safest techniques in infertility treatment offering services such as Best IVF Treatment( In-Vitro Fertilizations), IUI Treatment (Intrauterine Insemination), intra cytoplasmic sperm injection (ICSI), embryo freezing, egg and embryo donation, assisted hatching, blastocyst culture.

Step to register as a patient with us :
The first step to becoming a patient at Genesis fertility clinic & IVF center is to contact our International Patient Care Services Office. Our International Coordinators are fluent in many languages and can assist you in all aspects of your care. It would be helpful if you could call us on
O22-2527 6006/ 022-3913 6565(Time IST 10 am -6 pm), Any Time Mobile no. +91 7718 98 6006/ +91 8655 00 6565
Email us your needs along with your medical records to or . Once we know about you and your needs it will help us to expedite the process.

A. Submitting Medical Records

While submitting your medical records as said above, please make sure that your records are complete, and preferably in English, and include all relevant scans, x-rays and test results.

B. Visas & Passports

International patients will need to obtain a visa (depending upon their home country) to enter India for medical treatment. Genesis fertility clinic & IVF center’s International Patient Care staffs can assist with the visas process, tickets and other travel arrangements and for any other information or assistance you may require, when you decide to seek a treatment at Genesis fertility clinic & IVF center.

C. International Patient Care office

The International Patient Care office is equipped with modern communication equipment like email, fax, 24-hour helpline and staffed with trained coordinators. This office affords easy access to patients across the globe and it puts at ease the patient’s anxiety relating to his travel and stay.

D. Patients received upon arrival

From the moment the patient lands at Mumbai airport, he is virtually a member of our center. Our team will help you so that you are conveyed safely and comfortably to Genesis fertility clinic & IVF center. More ever our center is hardly 15 minutes distance from international airport.

E. Accommodation

Our International Patient Care team arranges a comfortable accommodation as per your need. We see to it that it is close to our center, so that you won’t have problem in daily commuting to us.

F. Post Treatment

we facilitate a smooth and hassle-free transfer of you and your baby to your country, so that we create a bond of love which will keep us close for years together.
"Patients must be able to trust doctors with their lives & well being. To justify that trust, we as professionals, have a duty to maintain a good standard of practice and care and show respect for human life."