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We recommend visiting an infertility specialist for an infertility evaluation after six to 12 months of unprotected and regular sex without pregnancy. Infertility testing is best done by an infertility specialist.

The first step is a detailed interview. A thorough infertility interview should involve both partners, and ask about:

  • 1. Your medical histories, including any chronic illnesses or surgeries
  • 2. Your use of prescription medication
  • 3. Your use of caffeine, alcohol, cigarettes, and drugs
  • 4. Your exposure to chemicals, toxins, or radiation in the home or at work
  • 5. How often you have sex
  • 6. Your history of birth control use
  • 7. Any history of sexually transmitted diseases
  • 8. Any problems having sex

Infertility is due to problems related to the woman about two-thirds of the time. A doctor will likely ask a woman questions about her gynecologic history :

  • 1. Have you been pregnant before and what was the outcome of those pregnancies?
  • 2. How often have you had periods over the last year?
  • 3. Have you had irregular and missed periods or had spotting between periods?
  • 4. Have you had any changes in blood flow or the appearance of large blood clots?
  • 5. What methods of birth control have you used?
  • 6. Have you seen a doctor before for fertility problems and undergone treatment for them?