Patient Details


1. How did you learn about the Hospital ?

  Name of Doctor/ Friend/ Media(Please specify)

2. Would you recommend the Hospital to your family and friends ?

3. Please Name any Member of Staff/ Nurse/Doctors who impressed you with their services.

4. Please highlight any deed of staff that impressed you during your Treatment.

5. How would you Rate the Overall Experience with Appointment Services

6. How would you rate the Overall Experience during the Admission Process

7. How would you rate the overall Care provided by the Doctors

8. How would you rate the overall Care provided by the Nurses

9. How was the Overall cleanliness and hygiene of your room

10. Peace and quiet in the room, especially at night

11. Please Rate the Over all comfort of the room

12. How would you rate the Over all Quality of Food Service in the Hospital

13. Did the Doctors explain the estimated expense towards the treatment

14. Were your queries towards billing answered to your satisfaction

15. Rate the Overall fairness in the pricing within the Hospital

16. How would you rate your over all experience with the services at Discharge

17. The overall friendliness of the staff in the hospital

18. Promptness & Efficiency of the staff

19. Cleanliness & Hygiene in the Hospital

20. Lighting & Signages within the Hospital