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Our Values

Quality maintenance is utmost important in IVF laboratory because compromising even a single step can affect the results. Taking quality to the highest levels is one of Genesis fertility clinic & IVF center’s core values. We strive towards clinical excellence and innovative practice. Our ongoing commitment to research enhances practice and outcomes for patients across all of our services. We here have developed the process to think about quality-improvement efforts. Clinical excellence is not a day’s effort; it’s been a continuous process of sincere hard work and up gradation of knowledge and skills, which has made us one of the successful IVF units.

Experts are the professionals who have gained the position by actually mastery in the subject. Benefit of treatment with the help of experts rule out the rare problems which arises during the treatment. Our Reproductive Endocrinologists and staff are highly trained and experienced in the diagnosis and treatment of infertility and other reproductive disorders.

1. Quality

Quality is never an afterthought at Genesis fertility clinic & IVF Center – it is embedded in the spirit of the organization and in its processes. Quality is something we design in throughout our procedures cycle.

2. Team

At Genesis fertility clinic & IVF Center our team works on each aspect from medication to procedures. So forth we have achieved successful pregnancies & live birth in patients who have previously been dismayed.

3. Practice

We share a very high success rate in fertility management, purely based on genuine and ethical practice. Our patient centric approach helped us to be popular in short time in central suburbs.

4. Principles

  • 1. A comprehensive evidence base practice
  • 2. Genuine consultation
  • 3. Independent advisory committees
  • 4. Transparent process and decision making
  • 5. Better work Culture & Organizational design
  • 6. Clinical and patient’s input
  • 7. Regular review of previous cases
  • 8. Effective implementation